1. The beneficiary is obliged to send the provider, in writing, in the transport order, or by email, precise instructions if special conditions are required (ADR consignments, temperature-controlled consignments, fixed collection/delivery times, atypical dimensions, etc.) for the transport of consignments. The instructions are subject to the provider’s acceptance.
  2. The beneficiary is liable to third parties, including state institutions, for the actual contents of the packages and/or pallets.
  3. The beneficiary is obliged to pick up the goods and vacate the storage premises within the time limit set by the order or within 3 days after payment.
  4. The Beneficiary is not entitled to issue transport or storage orders for prohibited goods: narcotics, prohibited chemical substances, ammunition, weapons, jewelry, and money, otherwise it shall be solely liable for any damage suffered by the Provider.
  5. The Beneficiary is responsible for the packaging and labeling of the goods; the packaging used must take into account the nature of the goods and must ensure the protection of the goods during transport/handling/storage, avoiding damage to the goods. For groupage shipments, it must be taken into account at the time of packing that the cargo will undergo multiple handling. The supplier is not liable for unpacked goods or goods with defective/insufficient packaging, etc.
  6. Commercial relations shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Warsaw or Montreal Conventions and those laid down in domestic legislation in force at the time of conclusion of the contract.
  7. The transport price does not include additional cargo insurance.
  8. By opting for cargo insurance you are also protected against risks that do not involve the liability of SCHNEIDER FREIGHT SERVICES SRL, for example: physical loss and damage to goods due to natural disasters, atmospheric phenomena, events caused by the fault of third parties, etc.
  9. In case of loss or damage of goods due to the fault of SCHNEIDER FREIGHT SERVICES SRL, the maximum liability accepted by SCHNEIDER FREIGHT SERVICES SRL is in accordance with the Warsaw Convention or the Montreal Convention and cannot exceed 19 SDR / kg of gross weight missing in the case of international air transport; on road transport the conditions of compensation are in accordance with the CMR, on international transport the maximum compensation is 8. 33 SDR / kg gross weight missing and maximum 2.5 USD / kg gross weight missing for domestic road transport, and in case of delay in release will not exceed the value of the shipment, according to Article 23.5 of the CMR Convention.
  10. In case of damage (partial/total damage) the amount of the damage will be calculated taking into account the value of the damaged goods at the time of the event, the percentage of damage to the damaged goods, established by comparison with the undamaged goods, the cost of repairing the damaged parts or components, the cost of their replacement or reconditioning, from which the residual value will be subtracted, choosing the lowest of these values without exceeding the limit of liability according to Article 9 from above.
  11. The service provider, whatever his capacity (intermediary, agent, consignor, etc.) is liable only for damage caused by his faults which can be imputed both to him and his servants. SCHNEIDER FREIGHT SERVICES SRL is not liable for damages, lost profit, direct/indirect financial losses, special losses, or for any loss of profit, contracts, income, customers of the Beneficiary, and for lack of instructions on the conditions of transport.
  12. Payment term: maximum 0 days from the invoice date, or at the agreed term, by PO. Non-compliance with the payment deadline will be penalized by 0.2% / day of the invoice amount. Force majeure or fortuitous event, as defined in art. 1351 of the Civil Code, communicated and accepted in accordance with the law, exempts the party invoking it from liability. All bank charges shall be borne by the payer. The beneficiary is the default in the delay of payment of the invoice. If the invoice is not disputed within two days of receiving it, the Beneficiary is no longer entitled to do so.
  13. The calculation of transport costs depends on the accuracy of the data provided by the Beneficiary. In case of changes in weight, volume, or route, the cost of transport will be modified accordingly. Unforeseen/unannounced costs resulting from non-compliance with the conditions mentioned will be charged additionally.
  14. Disputes of any kind arising out of the performance of this contract, which cannot be settled amicably, shall be settled by the courts of law of the Provider’s registered office in Constanta.
  15. SCHNEIDER FREIGHT SERVICES  SRL has a right of retention on the goods it handles until the agreed rates or other amounts due are paid in full by the Customer.