TRefrigerated transport of goods, including frozen, in conditions of maximum safety. At SCHNEIDER FREIGHT, we carry out domestic or international refrigerated transport, if the goods you have to transport fall into the perishable category, we provide you with vehicles inside which the temperature can be set from -20 degrees Celsius to +25 degrees Celsius to ensure an optimal environment.

Refrigerated freight is divided into two categories:

  • With freezing, when you need to transport frozen goods at temperatures of -15 degrees Celsius to -20 degrees Celsius (e.g. fish, frozen meat, etc.);
  • With refrigeration, when the goods only need to be cooled and kept at a certain temperature during transport (e.g. vegetables, fruit, fish and fresh meat, flowers and decorative plants, animal carcasses, medicines, etc.).
Refrigerated freight transport is carried out by trucks with capacities between 1.5 tonnes and 22 tonnes, equipped with temperature control and CMR insurance. Animal carcasses can easily be transported hanging on hooks in specialised containers. Small perishable goods, such as fruit or vegetables, can be transported stacked in containers without risk of crushing.
If you need to transport two types of goods with different storage temperatures in the same transport, you can hire a container with a partition wall to adapt the temperature to the optimum environment for each type of goods.
Our main refrigerated transport routes are to/from Western Europe (UK, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany), but with the help of our network of suppliers, we offer fast solutions covering the entire European Union.
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